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David’s Locksmith is the most well respected and trusted name when it comes to braking services. We have an all-star team of braking specialists that will examine each component of your braking system. Our auto body garage is located in the heart of beautiful Anaheim. We offer the most comprehensive brake evaluation system in town. We’ve carefully handpicked each technician to make sure you always get the best quality services. There is nothing more crucial than a pair of functioning brakes. If something is off in your braking system, you could face many problems on the road. Our responsibility is to make sure your vehicle gets a clean bill of health, so your brakes run as smoothly as possible.

Our services

Our brake evaluation system consists of removing all the wheels in your car to get a better perspective of where the problem might be. Once the wheels are removed, we can repair any damaged rotors, brake pads, or drums. If there is a failure with your hydraulic components, we can have that fixed for you on the spot. We can add brake fluid to keep all components flowing and running as they should. We also offer a wide variety of auto repair services that include, brake repair, engine repair, transmissions, cooling system, flat tire repair, and full vehicle maintenance. All braking components must work together in order to give you the maximum level of performance on the road. You can never take any chances with a faulty braking system. We offer the most competitive rates in town, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to get top tier quality either.

Working with the Best

At David’s Locksmith, we always give you the highest quality brake and auto repair services. We’ve been taking care of the Anaheim community for many years, one satisfied customer at a time! We have a long list of satisfied customer testimonials that reflect upon our hard work and dedication to be the best. Don’t let an amateur fool around with your brakes. Let the pros at David’s Locksmith give your brakes our official seal of approval. Stop by our Anaheim garage today!