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Why do you need locksmith on moving day

Few things in life are more important than your peace of mind, and unfortunately one of the times peace of mind is sparsest is when you’ve made the decision to move.  All sorts of plans then form:  What will be packed, and where?  Will everything go in one trip?  Will everything be there when I arrive?

You’re thinking about driving, or flying, or maybe even hauling everything you own with you.  There are preparations to make if you have children, or pets, or loved ones that need additional care.

Moving to a new place is stressful — so much that it’s been compared psychologically to losing a family member or divorce — and as you prepare to relocate and settle into a new place, there are a few key ways to bring that peace of mind back before you even unpack so you can focus on settling back in.

The first and most important thing is hiring an adequate locksmith to change your locks as soon as your feet hit the mat.  The keys you get when you close on your house may say Do Not Duplicate on them, but there is no formal system in place for detecting spares.  Rather than worry about who might be able to gain access to your new home (a ex-plant sitter, a dog walker, a babysitter), immediately call a locksmith and let them know you’ve recently moved; they are used to calls like these!  Getting new locks fitted is quick and unexpensive, and the lasting feeling of security is priceless.

Taking a quick look at the entry points in your new home is another good way to put you and your family at ease after a move-in.  Walk the perimeter of your house and take note of any windows or doors that don’t have permanent locks or other safety measures already in place:

  • According to statistics, you are twice as likely to be burgled within the first 12 months of moving in (compared to average burglary rates).
  • You’re also 3 times more likely than tenants that have been established for a decade or more.
  • Households with no security measures whatsoever are nearly ten times more likely to be targeted, versus homes with simple window and door locks.

Unsurprisingly, the reason for this is fairly obvious and preventable.  Do your homework and make the right phone calls.  Have any questions prepared beforehand.

Protect yourself and your belongings, and sleep soundly your first night in your new home.