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“I am a local business owner, and have lived in Anaheim for the last 25 years. I have several commercial properties dotted all around the city. Unfortunately, we were the victim of a series of burglaries. Significant damage was done, and I called David’s Auto Repair & Locksmith to come and re-secure the properties as I had previously called them for unlocking my car. I was very pleased with the service they provided; so much so that I am now a major account holder. I highly recommend this quality outfit for locksmith needs.” Carlos Dos Santos

“When my Chevy pickup truck totally stalled and broke down on the highway when I was on my way to the game, I was devastated. But then I remembered the fridge magnet my dad had given me from David’s Auto Repair & Locksmith, which had their number on it. I had luckily put it in my car, so I was able to give them a call. They were excellent – fast, fair and incredibly professional. I made it to the game at half time too, which was an added bonus!” Mark Gourney

“It’s impossible to be in all places at all times. This is even truer when you are a residential realtor – I look after a portfolio of many properties and have access to a large number of keys.  As you can imagine, it sometimes happens that you leave one location to go to an appointment but realize on your way that you don’t have the keys. This has happened a couple of times and I can’t let my clients down.  It sounds unprofessional to cancel an appointment because of forgotten keys. As soon as I give the amazing locksmiths at David’s shop a call, they meet me at the property to provide me with a safe and secure lockout solution so I can show the property to my client and feel confident that I have left the property safe when I leave. Thank you!” Amanda Isaacs

“I have nothing but the highest praise for the work that the great team of mechanics at David’s Auto Repair & Locksmith did on my wife’s car – the price was extremely fair given the high level of workmanship, and I would definitely give them a call the next time we need more work done. Bravo!” Lee Kinney