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Welcome to David’s Auto Repair Locksmith Blog

The Internet continues to be the prime source of information for all sorts of things, including auto repair and car locksmith details and information. Some of us at David’s Auto Repair & Locksmith in Anaheim decided to open up a blog to share all things related to our company and industry. We’ve injected more our of personality here, so you may find important tips on how to maintain your car, video testimonials, and maybe even some funny stories we encountered here in Anaheim!

Locksmith Facts To Know!

To start off our blog, how about three locksmith facts you’re bound to find useful!

Interesting Fact #1: You can avoid paying higher prices in changing your door locks by opting for “rekeying” services. Locksmiths can rekey your lock so that a new key is needed to open the door, leaving your old key completely useless.

Interesting Fact #2: You can key your entire home with just one key. Imagine, padlocks for the gates, front door, window locks, and garage door all working one key. This is called a “master key” system.

Interesting Fact #3: Some Car Locksmith companies (like ours!) can perform transponder key programming on the spot! If you have lost your auto’s chip key, our technicians can reprogram your transponder and give you a new set of keys on the spot.

We’ll continue with these interesting facts for our next blog! Thank you for choosing us for your auto repair and locksmith needs.